Proud ShipEX truck driver stands in front of blue Freightliner

At ShipEX, when we say "Drivers Matter," we mean it.

Drivers are more than just the back bone of what makes ShipEX work. Drivers ensure that we can all enjoy the creature comforts of life. From next day deliveries on our entertainment devices, to making sure our store shelves are stocked, and even delivering lifesaving medical equipment, Drivers Matter because of their hard work to keep our lives moving.

But when ShipEX says “Drivers Matter,” we do not say it lightly. We believe, to the core of ShipEX, that Drivers Matter and that they are integral to Delivering What Matters.

And not just our Drivers, but all Drivers on the road. We understand how difficult and demanding the job can be – with all the rules and regulations that you are required to follow.

The isolation of the road can also be particularly difficult when you have to miss life’s milestones, like a loved one’s birthday or graduation.
Combining the difficulties of the job and the sacrifices it entails is why we say and believe that Drivers Matter.

So when our Drivers ask us to support the causes that matter most to them, we jump into action and help.

We believe that all Drivers Matter, not just the ones that are in our fleet. It is why when Falcon Transport suddenly shut its doors and left hundreds of Drivers stranded, we reached out across our network to help those Drivers in need when possible.

If your employer has suddenly shut down and you need help, please fill out the form below and we will assist as best we can.


If you require more immediate help, please call us at: